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Answers to our most frequently asked questions


Who qualifies for a PostFin loan?

  • Employees who are permanently employed by companies which have a payroll agreement with PostFin (an employee will need to be employed for a minimum period of 12 consecutive months in order to qualify). 

  • Government employees who have been permanently employed.

  • Clients who receive their salary through their NamPost SmartCard account for a consecutive 12 months. 

  • Old Age pensioners receiving a monthly pension grant from the government – the pension grant should be paid electronically into the NamPost SmartCard for a consecutive 3 months.

  • Disability Grant receivers, where the monthly grant is paid into their NamPost SmartCard accounts for a consecutive 6 months.

  • GIPF pensioners, where their monthly income is paid electronically into their NamPost SmartCard account for a consecutive 6 months. 

  • War Veterans who receive a monthly grant which is being paid electronically into their NamPost SmartCard account for a consecutive 12 months. 

Where can customers go to apply for a PostFin Loan?

Customers can go to any Post Office throughout Namibia. We have PostFin Sales Agents in various towns across Namibia as well as Mobile Sales agents (link to that page). They can contact our Head office at 061-308724 to find out in which towns our agents are situated. 

What documents are required from the client to apply for a PostFin Loan?
  • A valid original Namibian identity document. 

  • A Medical Aid card or health passport.

  • Three months latest bank statements, with the relevant bank’s stamp on it. 

  • Latest original payslip for all permanently employed clients. 

  • If the client is married, a certified copy of the marriage certificate is required. 

  • If the client is married within community of property, a certified copy of the ante-nuptial contract is required. 

  • If the client is a government grant receiver, proof from Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is required, i.e., Grant letter, stating that the grant is permanent. 

  • NamPost SmartCard Account (If the client doesn’t have one, they will be assisted in opening an account while they are in the Post Office.

All certified copies should not be older than 3 months.

How long does the approval of loans take?

3-5 Working Days: Once PostFin has received all the required documentation from a client, the detailed credit analysis and approval process takes three working days – this includes the disbursement of funds to client’s SmartCard or bank account. 

I do not have one of the required documents. Can you make an exception?

Unfortunately, we cannot make an exception, and you need to submit all the required documents to apply. 

How much is your interest rate?

PostFin always operates according to responsible and affordable lending principles. Our interest rates vary and are subject to credit history, affordability, and other relevant criteria. Please get in touch with us to learn more. 

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